Dear Orangewood Academy Parents:

     On Friday, January 5, 2018, we became aware that the local Parker School Uniforms retail store was closed without explanation. After a day of trying to contact Parker School Uniforms directly and reading news stories from across the nation, it appears Parker School Uniforms has closed the status of the company.

     While we await confirmations of the status of Parker School Uniforms, we ask that our students to follow the dress code. If following the dress code is not possible because of the apparent closure of Parker School Uniforms, we ask that all clothing items follow the dress code as closely as possible in color and style. Our school polo shirts are navy, green and white. And our outerwear is OA or solid black (grades 7-12), solid navy or black (grades 6-12).

     Please know that we are also working on a long term solution to this problem. We will keep you updated and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please keep us in your prayers.


Orangewood Academy Administration





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